The Great Summer Adventure / by David Hinnen

It's time. Time for adventures. Time to go out and shoot again. Time to discover new cities. Time to discover new landscapes. Time to discover new countries. And most definitely time to start a blog!

So, welcome to my blog where I will write about my photographic adventures and all that goes with it.

In this first entry I would like to share my big summer adventure with you. Over the course of three months I will be travelling to cities and national parks in the USA, Canada and Iceland.
First stop is Baltimore, where I am visiting some friends of mine. Of course there will be some time dedicated to photography, I hear the city has a beautiful harbour area, let's see what I can make of this.
Second stop will be New York - if only for two days. I have been to this metropolis before, but I am still missing a few shots that I would really like to get. One of them being a shot from the One World Observatory on top of One World Trade Center which wasn't open to the public two years ago. So yeah, pretty stocked about that!
Next up will be the main part of this adventure: a 70 day road trip through the USA and Canada with my friend Derek Morf (see his work on his website), visiting 15 national parks, with two simple goals: Having an amazing time and getting photographs out of this world! I cannot put into words how incredibly excited I am to hit the road with Derek and finally see those amazing places with my own eyes. Instead of describing the itinerary, just have a look at the map below to see where we plan to go.

Summer 2017 National Parks Road Trip on Roadtrippers

Being out in nature, sleeping in tents, cooking on a gas cooker for 70 days may not sound so appealing to you, but it sounds like heaven to me..
After this large leg of my summer adventure, I will head over to Iceland and meet up with a friend from Switzerland and we will explore the island of ice and fire together for another 14 days - with all the focus on photography once again.
Despite all the excitement I am aware that I will have A LOT of images to go through and edit, but hey, that's a small price to pay if you get to see all those amazing places.

Stay tuned for individual blog entries for every stop along the way, be it city or national park!

Until then,
may the light be with you,